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Irene of Lesvos

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St. Irene Appear Martyr of Lesbos (about 1451 - April 9 1463) is an Orthodox saint martyred at the hands of Turkish soldiers with girlfriends St. Raphael and Nicholas on Bright Tuesday (9 April) in 1463, ten years after the fall of Constantinople.

For nearly five centuries, the inhabitants of Lesbos to visit the ruins of a monastery near the village of Thermi, from north to west of the capital Mytilene on Tuesday bright. These people have forgotten specific reasons for the annual haj pilgrimage, but I remembered that the killing of Turkish soldiers by the old monks in the monastery for many years.
The discovery of relics

Angelos Rallis devout decided to build a church on the ruins of the monastery in 1959. Workers discovered it on July 3, the relics of St. Raphael of Lesbos, because they are cleared of debris, and shortly thereafter St. Raphael, together with the Saint began to Nicholas and Irene, which appears on many of the inhabitants of Lesbos and told them stories of their lives. After opening the residents of St. Irene Lesbos place her grave, and ammunition was discovered March 12, 1961 in the mud drum, which was subjected to torture.

When Turkish troops invaded Lesvos, 12 years old) and Maria St. Irene and her parents and Basil, the mayor of the village, rushed to the cradle of a monastery near the Mother of God Thermi warning the monks. Soldiers who were killed at the hands of the holy Abbot St. Raphael of Lesbos in when they saw the holy deacon of St. Nicholas of Lesvos, then proceeded to kill St. Nicholas.

Signed Patriot Memory is one of the weapons of Irene and threw him by her parents. When she saw her parents, and put soldiers in a large bowl of mud and began to fire beneath it, leaving Irene stifling inside. Soldiers killed her parents, a teacher also beheaded a village named Theodore and his cousin was killed 15 years), of St. Helen Irene. Thus, received the Irene and her family and neighbors the crown of martyrdom.

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