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Irene of Tomar

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It was St. Irene of Tomar, Santa Cova, Visigoth church of the martyr in Portugal. Legend surrounding her life, perhaps a little more than pious tales.


Legend has it that Irene was born in modern Tomar, Portugal. I was born into a family moving, and her parents wanting to protect her, and sent to convent school and the teacher. The only time I left her home than ever before and had to attend Mass or to pray in the Church of St. Peter. It so happened that a young nobleman called Britald accidentally saw her in one of the rare trips has dropped sharply in love with her. Every time she left to go to church, he follow-up. Provided at the end of the day it is vulnerable to care for her, but Erin said she would not marry him. When Britald bad depression, Irina quick to point out to him that the reason for celibacy was the fact that they have given herself to God and a nun.

At the same time, the mentor, a monk named Remigius (or Remigio) Progress wrong her, when she refused to quit smoking and spread vicious rumors about her. When asked why he did not know the girl, which he left to learn she was pregnant. These rumors circulating around the city, and eventually learned of his sweetheart Britald supposed infidelity. Anger, he hired a mercenary soldier to kill her. , And Irene was returning home from a visit to cripple the elderly, and came from behind the killer and kill with one blow of the sword.

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