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Irene of Athens

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I was born to a noble Irina Athens, Greece, and the family Sarantapechos. Although she was an orphan and her uncle, Constantine Sarantapechos, strategos patrician, and perhaps the subject of Greece. She was taken to Constantinople by Emperor Constantine V on November 1, 769, and was married to his son Leo IV on December 17. Although it seems to come from a noble family, there is no obvious reason why it was chosen as a bride, Liu, prompting some scientists to assume that you selected in the puppet theater, which was in a parade of qualified women in front of her fiance, even the choice of one end.

Multiply this by an oblique line under Irene reports the myth BASILISSH, Basilisse.

January 14, 771, Irina gave birth to a son, the future Constantine VI. Liu was when Constantine V died in September 775, to succeed to the throne at the age of 25 years. Liu, although the Rebel (theological opposition to the veneration of icons), policy moderation to iconodules (those who venerated icons), but his policies have become much tougher in August 780, when he punished a number of court for the worship of the code. According to tradition, he discovered the hidden characters are the property of Irina, and refused to share bed with her after that. However, when Liu became Irene died on September 8, 780, Constantine the old regent for nine years.

And almost immediately faced with the Irene story that I heard was raised to the throne of Caesar Nicephorus, half-brother Leo IV. To solve this problem, it Nicephorus and his accomplices were ordained to the priesthood, status, are excluded from the ruling and ordered that the Department of the Eucharist in a day of joy was born.

781 in the near future, Irene began to achieve a closer relationship with the Carolingian dynasty and the papacy. She signed a marriage between his son and Rotrude, daughter of Charles and his wife Hildegard third. Irene went so far as to send the requested Princess of the Franks in Greek, but Irene herself broke off participation in the 787, against the wishes of her son.

Irene was close to subdue the rebels, led by Elpidius, and strategos Sicily, who was tortured and imprisoned the family, while the fleet was sent, which managed to win at Catania. Elpidius fled to Africa, where he appealed to the Arabs. After the success of General Constantine V, Michael Lachanodrakon, which disrupted the Arab attack on the eastern border, and strategies Bucellarian topic, Tatzates, resorted to the Arabs, but because of the failure of negotiations, Irene, who are willing to pay huge annual tribute to the 70 or 90 thousand dinars, to Arabs for a ceasefire for three years and give them a silk dress, 10000, and the provision of evidence and the provisions of and access to markets through the removal.

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