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La of Cornwall

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The San Cornwall A 5 or 6 century Cornish evangelist and martyr.

A, it was said, the Irish Princess, and a sister in St. Equity and Reconciliation Commission. The student's spiritual San Baricus and went as a missionary to Cornwall, where she joined the Saints Fingar pot. Legend has it that they had to 777 satellites, and they sailed across the Irish Sea to plant ivy. Cited first (a) on the River Hayle and is buried in St. Ives, Cornwall, where the Church of St. I (a), and St. Ives, which is now a saint, was erected over the grave. City built around it. Her feast day is February 3. The Gwinear in the life of St. John Leland gives details of the first life of a Latin, which no longer exists. Plouyé Church in Brittany, probably originally dedicated to this saint

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