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Female Saint France | Joan of France

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The Joan of France, for a brief period from the Queen of France as wife of King Louis XII of France, the death of her brother Charles VIII, and the abolition of marriage. Female Saints

And was canonised a saint in the May 28, 1950, is known about the Catholic Church in St. Jean de Valois. French Female Saints.

Face distorted, and patients through her life, Joan has developed a devotion to the Virgin Mary in her early childhood. In Bourges, she founded the Franciscan order of Catholic contemplative of Annonciades in 1502. Died on February 4, 1505 and was buried in the monastery Annonciades. The grave was desecrated and her body was burned by the French through a bag of Bourget on May 27, 1562. Said the event [4] Shortly after her death, healing miracles attributed to her, and on April 21, 1742, Pope Benedict XIV her "blessed. " And holiness in the May 28, 1950 [5] by Pope Pius XII, as is well known to the Catholics of St. Jean de Valois. Female Catholic Saints.