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Polish Female Saint Jadwiga

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King was Iadwiga cents to Poland's 1384 death. The official title is "king" instead of "Queen", reflecting that a sovereign in its own right and not just the royal consort. And was a member of the Ahakpteianit of Anjou, daughter of King Louis I of Hungary, Bosnia, Elizabeth. It is known in Polish as Iadwiga, English, German, Hedwig, like Lithuania, Jadwiga, in Hungarian as Hedvig, and Latin Hedvigis. Female Saints

Admired and expressed the Catholic Church of St. Hedwig and Romanian, where it is royal patron of a united Europe. Patron Female Saints

Queen's current approach is relatively common in Europe at the time, officially crowned king instead of queen. Female Patron Saints.

Once she died, and widely admired Iadwiga Polish saint, although it only in 1980 and beatified by the church. Female Catholic Saints, And canonized in 1997 by a Polish-born Pope John Paul II. Many of the myths told about the miracles of His Holiness to justify it. The two most famous are the ones who "Iadwiga and the Cross" and "made to Iadwiga."

Iadwiga often prayed before a large crucifix of black in the north corridor Wawel Cathedral. During one of those prayers, and said Jesus on the cross to talked to them. Cross, "St. Iadwiga and the cross", is still there, with their ammunition below.

I love Iadwiga smuggle food from the castle to give to the poor, and carried in her apron. He informed the King Jagiello travel at night, and was told that Iadwiga can give information about insurgents. King Jagiello, of course, very angry. Decided to seek the meaning of these flights after dark. One night, when established Jagiello Iadwiga it leaves the door of the secret ballot, from among the bushes and demanded to know what was in her apron. Miracle food she was carrying (which earned her the death penalty), has a bouquet of roses. To this day, always depicted wearing Iadwiga apron of roses. According to another legend, taken a piece of jewelry made Iadwiga Ltob gave it to the poor, who begged for help. I noticed that when he left the king, signing her on the plaster floor of his workplace, even though it was already hardening of the plaster before her visit. This should still fingerprint, called "Iadwiga of the foot," You can see a church in Krakow.

And a different story when he was involved Iadwiga Corpus Christi procession today. During this time, the son of a copper sink from falling into a river. Iadwiga threw her cloak on the child's body, and life restored.
On June 8, 1979 the blessings of Pope John Paul II in her coffin, and the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments Beatified officially confirmed on 8 August 1986. Pope Iadwiga Krakow on June 8th, 1997.
Issuing body and coffin
Iadwiga in a sarcophagus, Wawel Cathedral, Krakow

Body Iadwiga extracted three times at least. The first time was in the 17th century, in connection with the construction of the coffin into the grave next Iadwiga Bishop. Issuing body in 1887 took place the next. Iadwiga skeleton was found on the full, along with a cape and hat. Made in the skull in January Matejko Iadwiga fees, and that helped, later he paints a picture of her (see above).

On 12 July 1949, her tomb was opened again. This time it was buried in the closet it is paid by LanckoroĊ„ski Carroll, who was carving white marble in 1902 by Anthony Madeyski. Describe the queen with a dog, a symbol of honesty, on her legs. Director: Harun with the feet pointing Iadwiga bank, unlike other cabinets and cathedral. On the next screen to the cabinet is a modest wooden wand ball, which the Queen's grave - she sold her jewels to finance the renovation of the Academy of Krakow, now known as the Jagiellonian University.