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Christian female Saint | Jovita & Faustinus

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It was said to be holy Jovita Faustinus Christian martyrs under Hadrian. Birth is the death of 120 traditional. They are the patron saints of Brescia.
"Jovita" is the name of women. Faustinus several novels in the holy place Jovinus brotherhood.

Traditional States because they were members of a noble family of Brescia in Lombardy (Northern Italy). Faustinus, his older brother, a preacher; Jovinus, priest. Invitation of the fear of the Gospel, was summoned before the Roman emperor Hadrian, who was Brescia, Rome and Naples, and subjected to distress scary, and then beheaded They Brescia in 120, according Bollandists, although Allard (history of persecution Palace Pendant Les Docks Premier Si├Ęcles, Paris , 1885) puts the date as early as 118.

St. Faustinus of Brescia, Brescia, bishop and a descendant of the alleged translation of the laws of their own.
Doubts and admiration

Many of the "Acts" of these saints, especially the legendary character. He asked the Jesuit Fedele Savio almost everyone but the fact of their existence and self-sacrifice, which is well attested in many of the early worship martyrologies unusual in the city of origin, which has always been the president of the patrons by inclusion.

Entered a joint feast day and on 15 February, the traditional date of martyrdom, the holy Catholic this year to be admired wherever the Roman Rite is celebrated. Removed in 1969, that these "acts are just wonderful, and the treatment of Jovita like a priest, though she was a woman." However, that saints are not to be identified with the great men in action, and two are still included in the Roman saints, and the official, using a list, complete frankness saints recognized by the Catholic Church of Romania. Cities of Rome, Bologna and Verona share with Brescia's possession of their remains. Female Saints, Female Saints List