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Saint Gemma Galgani | Saint Gemma Feast Day

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Saint Gemma Galgani

Eldest daughter of a poor pharmacist, her mother died when he was seven Jima, and her father when he was 18 a girl, and she took care of seven brothers and sisters. Department of Health said that the poor always, and that her life she has not finished school. Healing in 20 of meningitis in the back of the prayers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and St. Gabriel, Our Lady of sorrows, and
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Margaret Mary Alacoque. Opposed by religious groups that have applied because they were concerned about their health, treatment will not believe it, and they are suspicious of claims of a miracle. He became a Passionist high. Stigmatist wound, taking her hands and feet every Thursday evening through Friday afternoon, starting in June 1899 and continued until 1901. Insight without her guardian angel daily, and visits from Jesus, Mary and St. Gabriel of Our Lady of sorrows, and the devil who tries to spit on the cross and rosary break. Dear Germanus Ruoppolo spiritual mentor and has written her autobiography.

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