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Saint Catherine of Alexandria

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Saint Catherine of AlexandriaOh really the famous St. Catherine of Alexandria, and also wrote St. Catherine of Alexandria, a fourth century martyr who remember November 25. Tradition hands down the story of Catherine, a virgin martyr noble birth and mind, who was killed fast to their faith during the year 305. However, resulted in the popularity of the Middle Ages to the distortion and exaggeration, which left unclear exactly what happened in the first years of the life of a martyr.
Legend of St. Catherine of Alexandria Female Saints

As already mentioned, has grown Catherine of Alexandria dedication popular in the Middle Ages. I wrote poems and songs about, paintings and sculptures, and popular all over Europe. It was decorated by the stories, and sometimes contradict one another, and as a result, any real facts about the life of women is not clear.

Folk legend Catherine of Alexandria in the fact that, as a result of the release by the young Catherine vowed to stay pure, pristine, and to devote themselves fully to the study of philosophy and Christianity. She was intelligent and philosophical a woman. At the age of 18 years, and tradition says that she went to the Emperor Maxentius, reproaching him for his suffering and brutality of the Christians. It can not answer their arguments, he gathered 50 of the wisdom, to argue with them. However, the wisdom of Catherine turned to them and when it agreed it had won the debate, they were killed.

According to legend, Catherine was arrested and turned all visitors to Christianity, to convert the wife of the emperor. It is said that after he turned to another high-level official, and the prison guards, and had been sentenced to death for Catherine. And sentenced to be killed on an instrument of torture called the "wheel up" or "break the steering wheel." However, the wheels began to touch and so was beheaded, and is not. In the Middle Ages, preached many of the priests and the facts of wisdom Catherine and defend their faith, and the eloquent way convert the Gentiles.

There were other stories of women's lives and others are inconsistent and some contained historical inaccuracies and extra features or phrases, is more prevalent in the Middle Ages. As a result, we can not accept as a fact of history, though, should be described to follow the ethics.

From the Catholic Encyclopedia entry on Catherine of Alexandria:

"It is not intended to cast even a shadow of doubt about the existence of a saint. But the result, and when examined extensively in these documents, which must be whether to accept the basic facts to form a plan properly, and many of the details of these facts and the withholding of almost, the most prominent and should be rejected novels, decorated, and the long speeches that were placed in the mouth of St. Catherine, and the invention, pure and simple. "

Due to lack of knowledge surrounding the life of St. Catherine has been removed from the calendar of saints, which will be celebrated throughout 1969, in 2002, a celebration to re-evaluate the additional memorial as optional.

Although the life of St. Catherine and obscure legend, can be done much more in our own lives. As Catholics, we must use always thinking and thinking skills will of God and call down and defend the faith.

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