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St. Catherine of Bologna | Catherine of Bologna Prayer

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St. Catherine of BolognaSt. Catherine of Bologna

Of the Dreamers, Mystics Stigmatists

Perhaps, one of the greatest miracles is corrupt in St. we have, sitting on a throne in the royal chapel on the left of the main altar in the church of Corpus Domini in Bologna.

It is still intact, has wasted more than 500 years!

At the outset, and after it became clear that they can not put her body in the grave, and four nuns will keep the body of St. Catherine in the hallway on a wooden stretcher, and each time visitors come to see the body, or believers seek to preserve St.

This continued for a period of 12 years!

Then decided that the nuns can view pro best if they are sitting on a chair.

To their surprise, that her body has lost none of its flexibility, durability never nest in a group, has become difficult, and nuns have no place in the presidency.

Only when the monastery is so, there is Catherine, by persuasion, and sit in a chair without assistance in the same position and can be found on this day.

St. We want to be where all the people of God can keep them easily, so it seemed in the monastery of nuns of Corpus Domini and told her she wanted to built a church near the outside of the church.

Previously, it was within the Church of the monastery.

From the beginning, brought the miracles of St. Catherine and famous people from all over the world, not just simple believers who meet the full faith and enrich our church beautiful, but also the saints in the future, kings, queens and researchers.

Among the first to come and Queen Isabel of Naples, Italy, which reached Finery their respective owners, St. we have venerated her and then left the ring as a symbol of love. Followed by the popes (one of them was Pope Clement VII), Cardinals (St. Charles Borromeo, including the gifted her with a jacket value), emperors, princes, and all kinds of characters.

Pope Clement VII to grant permission for the nuns say the Bureau and to celebrate Mass in honor of St. Catherine on March 9, which has become a day of Eid. Carved her name in the martyrs and saints in the Catholic Church of Romania. He was followed by other popes who have made the indulgences and privileges of pilgrims come to maximize the holy site of Haram.

The process of beatification in 1669 and officially ended on Sunday, the Trinity, May 22, 1712, when Pope Clement IX to the whole world, the Romanian Catholic Church, which was our Saint!

She was the first time we went to visit St. Catherine, was the holy curiosity, and within the corruption! But we found when we got there, and St. very strong, which has become very personal for us. He loved and we have since 1977, the first time that brought the grandson of our ten years of age, in Europe with us. We hope in reading about what will come back to him and recognized in your head and heart, as we have.

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