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Ukrainian Orthodox Church in The USA

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Ukrainian orthodox church usa | Ukrainian orthodox church of the usa
ukrainian orthodox church of usa
UOC | Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the United States which began in 1915 when several existing parishes and clergy of Catholics and other Orthodox Diocese decided that the Ukrainian people in the United States has reached a level which should be a distinctive ethnic identity to its jurisdiction. There had been fears the spiritual and political, which inspired this resolution and was an immediate success in terms of the number of nationals and the believers who have joined the movement. The group requested and received protection under the Teutons omoforion spiritual Syriac Orthodox bishop of the Church in the United States. Bishop sent Teutons need of guidance given to the emerging competition for a petition to the newly independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church Autocephaly, which was formed in October 1921 under the auspices of the Metropolitan Vasyl Lypkivskyj after the first declaration of independence of Ukraine in 1918. In response, Bishop John then transferred (Theodorovich) to address the spiritual needs of the Ukrainian Orthodox faithful of the United States of America.

Ukrainian Orthodox Church in The USAArchbishop John came to the United States in 1924 and immediately requested the Sobor, formalizing the establishment of the parish and the United States and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the United States. Bishop Germans formally abandoned its authority in the Church, and Archbishop John. After Sobor, under the leadership of Archbishop John, the life of America Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the United States really began to flourish. Archbishop stayed in touch with the church in Ukraine, but in 1927 it was clear that the Communist regime will not stop the persecution of the church, which was this year to stop all the priests and most of the clergy, and destroyed most of the church property. In 1937 all the bishops have been executed, and that there are no signs of life of the Church exists. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Autocephaly any opportunity to appeal their case to recognize the canon of the world religion. Almost from the moment in 1921 came to the conclusion Sobor, he was sentenced to the struggle for survival. Archbishop John rejected the allegation of the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Moscow, which replaced the church Autocephaly Ukraine and cut off all ties with Ukraine.
Ukrainian Orthodox Church USABetween the United States and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the United States, he was very affected by these events, which Bishop John has established himself as one of the first three bishops of the Church and Autocephaly in Ukraine did not get the recognition of the world, the Orthodox Church. Despite several attempts to defend the case before the Ecumenical Patriarchate did not make progress on this issue. The clergy and faithful of the Orthodox Church in America to Ukraine in the United States, but do not wavered in his faith and commitment to building an independent church, which continues to grow and develop spiritually and materially. With the center located in the Diocese of Philadelphia, and a religious school and the clergy are required to meet the spiritual needs of believers who were educated and will be allocated - all the wonders involved in the construction and the construction of new parishes across the country.
In 1928 a second group of Orthodox believers in Ukraine in the United States began moving toward faith. Because of issues concerning the status of Archbishop John, said the group was hesitant to join the already existing mandate, although he was in full swing. Sobor and the first part of this group met in Allentown, PA in the spring of 1929 and established the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America. Rev. Dr. Joseph Zuk, was chosen as director of the Organization of the parish and the second Sobor of 1931 in New York, was elected the first bishop. Two priests of the Syrian Orthodox Church in the United States Zuk consecrated bishop in 1932, in the Cathedral of St. Volodymyr, in the 14th Street in New York. Unfortunately, Bishop Joseph lived less than two years after his ordination.

In 1936, the Ecumenical Patriarch accepted the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America under the bishop in 1937 and omoforion Baudin (Spylka) consecrated as bishop of the diocese. Under his leadership, and competition also began to grow and the number of parishes and the faithful has grown, almost rivals the rates of growth in the United States, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of America under Archbishop John.

They coexisted Ukrainian Orthodox jurisdictions in the United States over the next 17 years. Both expanded with Bishop John is also President of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Canada, and Bishop Bohdan create several parishes there, too.
Ukrainian Orthodox USAIn 1942, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Ukraine reborn once again for a short break from religious persecution during the German occupation of Ukraine. One of the bishops of the church was built in 1942, raised in Kiev, was Mstyslav Bishop (Skrypnyk), which finally came to Canada to lead the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, to succeed Archbishop John. Bishop Mstyslav left Canada a few years, and came to the United States to join the jurisdiction of the bishop Baudin. I had a great desire to unite the two current U.S. judicial authorities. Mstyslav bishop, who was consecrated bishop is true, persuaded the Archbishop John to submit to dedicate a new resolve all questions about the situation and the Episcopal Church as a prerequisite for the Unification of the two Churches. In 1949, and approved by Archbishop John was consecrated bishop of the Mstyslav Metropolitan Christopher, the United States Exarchate of the Patriarchate of Alexandria.
In 1950, and two separate jurisdictions Sobor held in New York at the Cathedral of St. Volodymyr Street 14 - one in the church, and in the church hall. Subsequently held on 13 October, a combination of Unification Sobor in the parish church in each of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of America under Archbishop John and most of the dioceses of the church in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of America through the signing of the act of unification. Unfortunately, some clergy and congregations under Bishop Bohdan were not convinced, and convinced him that the refusal of the Union. Bishop Mstyslav, but to join the majority of the parishes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America, and Bishop John was recognized by the President and Chairman of the Bishop of Mstyslav Town, the company greatly expanded Church Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the United States. Integration Act was announced during the Divine Liturgy for the Feast of the Protection of the Mother of God - Pokrova - 14 October - at the Cathedral of St. Volodymyr the newly elevated Bishop John, Archbishop of l 'Bishop Mstyslav Hennadij with the following words:

"Starting today our churches the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of America United States of America Orthodox Church of Ukraine to the United States are united and form one Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the United States, which was henceforth to live and serve as a spiritual Metropoli under and governed by the Constitution, at the same time, legialment collective ratification, acceptance. "

We can only imagine the immense joy felt by the participants in this joint Sobor in these words and what is expected to arrive in the life of his Holy Orthodox Church in Ukraine. The joy was drawn all over the world, and during the next two decades, and many joined the United Church Congregations and even more were founded by immigrants who just arrived from displaced persons camps in Germany.

Began to work seriously on the day after the city council, chaired by Bishop Mstyslav working diligently to produce more and more faithful to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the United States. The Metropolitan Council met repeatedly in the first months of the decision-making needed to build a solid base for the organization of life in the church. In the June 1951 meeting of the Council, submitted a proposal to buy a farm of 57 acres in the heart of the state of New Jersey, not far from the Ukrainian people, the summer residence and social status of the Cathedral of St. Volodymyr, New York. Lev Weselovsky Protopresbítero Dean of the Cathedral We were convinced by the priests to consider the proposal and agreed to the project. Property was originally the estate of the state of New Jersey United States delegate to the Continental Congress - Heindrick Fischer. Proposal to the Metropolitan Council stressed the historical relationship to American history and topography of the property, together with the corresponding buildings, each provided a place for an administrative center and the national headquarters for the 'Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the United States.
When one reads in the record of this meeting of the Metropolitan in 1951, and enthusiasm for this proposal, jump pages and almost immediately, clergy and laity alike to submit their pledges towards the purchase price of $ 90,000 - a huge sum for the time: the Plenipotentiary Conference . Lev Weselovsky, Demetrio D. Leschishin Ivan (later Bishop Mark) Hundiak Mykola Kashuba and commitment of all loans from $ 500. Direct contributions were made by the Archbishop of Mstyslav for $ 200, and Fr. Weselovsky (in addition to its commitment to a loan of U.S. $ 500) Other $ 500, and a member of the Council Oleksij Heleliuk 250 dollars Hryhorij Pypiuk, Fr. Ivan Hundiak, Fr. Andrew Beck, and Fr. Mykola Kashuba gave each $ 50 and a professor Vasil Zavitnevych - 25 dollars. A total of 3125 dollars talented in minutes - and was a huge amount of money to this day. After this expression of enthusiasm and, needless to say, the proposal was approved unanimously.

A contract for the clergy and the faithful circular after a meeting of the Metropolitan Council, Archbishop Mstyslav, President of the Town wrote:

"With the announcement on 15 October 1950, when the Sobor of our Church requires the presence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church joined the United States ... all of that word but in deed, and provided evidence of their loyalty to our Heavenly Father, all those who honestly serve God and the nation's seven fatal bad Ukrainian. United Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the United States has become a treasure of immense value in the great importance to Ukraine and the United States.
Ukrainian Orthodox
"We are, however, is only fonts to praise and cheer ourselves fully in this great event and huge in our lives when the degree of equality, and we are aware of the obligations imposed on the shoulders of our Lord in the grace and unity of the Church. We can never forget that we have the Orthodox Church Ukrainian United States are the countries called by God to accomplish the major tasks - to get to the homeless, in addition to the new spiritual qualities, and to return to church for our brothers who have left God and the nation, so we have children on the path of Christian life - among Furthermore, in all this, the Lord is testing us, but as a father I have prepared well for this test. He has united us and made us stronger as a result! in our hands today ten talents in the Bible, we must increase and not merely to condemn or all of the waste.

"To allow us to approach our duty to fulfill these tasks, the City Council and the Board has decided to establish the Center which will include all the institutions of our Church ... 30 kilometers from New York to a small town south of the envelope Brook, New Jersey. We ask you, dear parents, brothers and sisters to assist in the implementation of This decision, because without the support of our church as a whole, may not carry out this task Town, the most important in life and history the Ukrainian Orthodox in the United States ... This is the first big challenge ... and if we complete this task, an honorary ourselves, and our parents and grandparents, to allow for children to have a good name and open the eyes of the short-sighted and join us. May God bless us! "
The appeal was successful and devoted to these causes was scheduled for St. June 1, 1952. Three days of the summer storm, however, forbade the consecration takes a real place. Despite the rain, and more than 2,500 people arrived, surprise, but at the same time morally edifying the organizers of this event. Joint program, including the Divine Liturgy, go to the local high school hall, which had only 1,200 people, so that all the corridors and some classrooms were filled with the faithful. Some of them even had to stay in their cars or buses. More than 30 priests and five deacons and altar served 30 children with Bishop John and the bishops and Mstyslav Hennadij while the heart of St. Volodymyr Cathedral in New York, high singers from Avery and choirs Newark parish.

Divine Liturgy of the three bishops of the word. Metropolitan John talked about the great role played by the Orthodox religious centers in Ukraine in the life of the Ukrainian nation - as Pechersk Lavra (Caves Monastery) in Kiev. He reminded everyone of the great responsibility before God by us in this center was established only seven months ago.

The Bishop Mstyslav the continued growth of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the United States since the unification of the country in 1950, from Kaunas, especially with the recent establishment of many parishes of the new arrivals from Europe. In his closing remarks, Archbishop - always look to the future - a call to all believers to help finance construction of the memorial chapel, which was built on the property South Bound Brook - in memory of the millions of people who sacrificed their lives for the independence of Ukraine and the United States.
After his speech, Archbishop of distributed hand-painted icons of the Virgin Mary to 56 people who have contributed at least $ 50 to buy the property from Fisher. It was a scene in the move and the word Orthodox in Ukraine:

"This is an emotional moment, especially for persons between the donors, there were many elderly and disabled who need help to deal with the Archbishop. To receive the sacred symbol by the Archbishop, and many of them cried. The older woman in the response to the question," Why do you cry? "He replied:" I am crying with joy because for the first time in my life I prayed for a Christian group so large that my brothers and sisters, for the first time participated in the Divine Liturgy with three bishops and many priests. "These women aged 82 years, the same day that another gift of $ 50 to finance the construction of Memorial Church."

Needless to say, choir music and cultural dance group of the parish in Johnson City, New York had to be canceled • Amount afternoon. In response to the dancers in the old philosophical summary of the adolescents in the day, but: "Well, this is the will of God that we will entertain at another time, in front of 10,000 of our people, because only one-third of people who plan to attend to the south bound Brock presented today in fact! "
Ukrainian Church
Rite of the Center for Real Estate, as well as apartments, the new library building and archiving, and printing, and were blessed in the celebrations to reschedule September 21, 1952 - the birth of the Virgin Festival. 1,500 people took part in this celebration, and had the opportunity to walk around the building, particularly at the site on a temporary altar, which was in a place where our church is the Memorial today. Behind the altar was beautifully designed on the icon of the Virgin - an image that has received today - the original released 50 years ago. Urban and Archbishop John Mstyslav Divine Liturgy of the divine. It's a glorious event that this beautiful cultural and originally signed. Fifty-six priests attended the event, which is immediately followed in the first conference of clerics in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Sobor the United States after unification.

That day in late summer - September 21, 1952 - and only in existing buildings to have at the center of the church under the protection of St. Andrew the Apostle was the first so-called Fisher family home, which became the consistory and the residence of the Archbishop, and prints that emerge from " Ukrainian Orthodox word "small house he lived in consistory Treasurer, and the mill, which was a community center, library / archives, and a school of religious studies and Ukraine.

Over the years a lot has been added to this Holy Land. Many of the changes and additions to our property took place.

In 1954 the authorities in the town of Franklin was awarded licenses for the establishment of 15 acres we have the original cemetery of St. Andrew. This was possible only because the Fisher Family Cemetery is already in our property and is still in our church as an historic site. The cemetery was consecrated in September 26, 1954. Began almost immediately burial and the cemetery to nearly 9000 graves, which covers 25 acres of land.

In 1955 construction began on the church in memory of St. Andrew and a memorial to the victims of famine and genocide, which was established by Joseph Stalin, and those who sacrificed their lives for the independence of Ukraine and the United States' of America. The continued construction for ten years and the church was consecrated in October 10, 1965. No one has a better description of the Archbishop of the church Memorial Mstyslav shortly before the consecration:

"The Memorial Church - the monument is this mixture over the graves of our ancestors - those of us, and most dear to us.

Memorial Church - this is an expression of deep respect for our heroes and martyrs of the Ukrainian nation.

Memorial Church - and this is believed to a very modest about the graves of millions of victims of famine Deep genocide of the enemy.

Memorial Church - this is our weak attempt to restore the majesty of the churches destroyed by the Communists in the Ukraine in Moscow in the 20th century ends.

Memorial Church - this is to create a spirit free from Ukraine, linked to the old style of Ukraine to build the church.

Memorial Church - this is our humble contribution to the treasury of the spiritual and cultural wealth of the United States of America.

Memorial Church - and this is evidence that those who have contributed in any way in the building, and lived not only for themselves but for future generations of our nation. "

We can add to the memorial chapel, more than anything, we have become a symbol of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the United States and the Center for the Church - Jerusalem from the Ukraine, and the Archbishop / Metropolitan / Patriarch Mstyslav so affectionately call.

In 1960, and progress had an impact on the life of the Church, and when the federal Government began building a crossroads and taken to have four acres of land owned by the current path and separates the main part of our property the last 18 acres of land across the road. We paid $ 21,600 for four acres, which was more than 5 times what he paid for the property in 1951. We have received many offers for 18 acres on the "road" over the years, but with good weather, and refused to Archbishop Mstyslav for sale, and to call this land is ours security policy for the future. You should be aware that in a few minutes.

On June 13, 1971, after six months of construction, the Grand Cross of the monument in the heart of our cemetery was blessed in memory of those who sacrificed their lives fighting for the independence of Ukraine.

In 1972, God gave us another gift basis. And Heatherington - the family farm, which was founded in New York Stock Exchange - on the other side of the lake from our original is to provide for purchase. The desire of our family church, which has the first opportunity to buy property. Of the grace of God, the faithful were encouraged to provide direct support with donations and loans, and since the purchase possible. Fifty acres of land received from this transaction of $ 50,000 per hectare, and there were many doubts about whether all parties would be able to repay the debt. Once again, the Lord spoke and said the buyer had made a proposal to buy 15 acres of land in the back of the right of joint ownership between the new 287. More than a million dollars have been achieved from this transaction, and the balance due to our original purchase was paid.

In 1975, and the estate Heatherington main building - Palace of the family - he underwent a complete renovation, and has become St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox school. The doors of this venerable institution opened for the first academic year in September this year and almost a quarter of the clergy today we have received all or part of the theological and pastoral education there.
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