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Holy Name JESUS

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Holy Name JESUSHoly Name JESUS - The Great
At the beginning of my discernment for ordination, I met the venerable Anne Richards of the time, Canon for Ministry in the Diocese of New York.I talked and talked and then I was ready, he said something to me that I will never forget.

She said: "Of all the things that tell me?" I am not. "Jesus, you mentioned the name of Jesus."

"Oh," I said, 'I thought that was obvious - I mean, this is the church, all about Jesus. "

"No," he answered. "Him not natural. As leader of the church, is always necessary to talk about Jesus, even if you do not seem to work."

Today we celebrate the holy name of Jesus. To gently said, the name of Jesus was abused by many people around the world. Inserted in conversation like any other curse words can be. I think using the name of Jesus to the lips of many Christians are equally problem. There are many Christians who think that they need to talk about Jesus, for he and what he means obvious to people talk (or write) about. I am here today to tell you it is not.

When we celebrate Christmas and the joy of Jewish (God with us), we celebrate Jesus. Our gospel is about one thing: that others say about Jesus. The Angels said the good news of Jesus to the shepherds. The shepherds went and saw Jesus went out and spread the good news of Jesus to others. Spread the good news of Jesus does not stop. John the Baptist witnessed in all Judea, Jesus the Christ. The apostles witness Jesus is risen from the dead and they spread the gospel to others. Saint Paul encountered the risen Lord Jesus and he changed his life and he said all met about Jesus, toward the distant write the name of Jesus every knee should agree.

At the beginning of new year, I hope and pray that each of us can boldly proclaim the name of Jesus to those around us. Never given. As Christians, is always necessary to talk about Jesus, even if you do not seem to work.

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