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Saint Nicholas | Santa Claus

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Saint Nicholas | Santa ClausSaint Nicholas | Santa Claus | Saint | Catholic Saint
We celebrate Sinterklaas. You know Nicholas as Santa Claus, or even customers saint of children, but he was also patron saint of seafarers and sailors.

Many sailors and marines on the edge of my mother in my family, fishing, lobs terms, people who work on boats, boat people sail. I'm not a professional, but still a pretty good sailor. Onoe something very important when you are sailing is to ensure that the boat ship-shape. No holes or tears, all tightened up and taught the lines checked, etc. may change wind and sea can be rough, but the basics are covered, you are usually in excellent shape.

Our Gospel night is one of my favorites. Jesus speaks to the importance to build a strong foundation. Like a well-prepared boat, a house built on firm foundations can better weather the storm.

I think the Christian life begins with a solid foundation of faith in the resurrection. God is love, I think, best shown in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Love, which conquors of death can not be shaken. Return to the world with faith in love makes a difference. As the apostle Paul says, nothing can conquor the love of God, without sin, no pain, no discomfort, even death.

May the love of God that fills our hearts that we have power problems we face in our own lives, and let us, following the example of St. Nicholas, dissemination of knowledge of the grace of God love for all people around us.
Devotion to St. Nicholas is a large part of Europe on the first day of this country, and has his name in Dutch that most people now know of St. Nicholas and Santa Claus. The images of people in big red suit brings gifts to children stems from the fact that Nicholas is the patron saint of children.

Our reading from Isaiah today reads as follows: Open the door, that the righteous nation, which remains faithful may enter: The legend of Santa Claus telling him to come home to people and left various gifts. No one is ever a lock on the door or the chimney to try to keep Santa out. Who knows what he can bring gifts.

I think the picture works well with the same mission of the church open. It coming, I pray that all churches open their doors to those who want to come by. Each of us brings many gifts God has given us to help spread the Gospel, that everyone who walks through the door inside. May our hearts and hands open for new people to our lives, our churches and our mission this coming.

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