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Greek Orthodox Church

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Greek Orthodox Church | Greek Orthodox | Greek Saints
Greek-speaking Christians accounted for most of the early Church. Redistributions of Hellenism, even in the fourth century BC, the Greeks came to be very important, if not the dominant element in the Middle East and North Africa, especially in large and metropolitan cities. Because of this expansion of the Greek world, that the emergence of Christianity as a world religion possible. ...
Greek Orthodox ChurchNew TestamentThe first contact with the Greeks of Christ is related by the author of the fourth Gospel. He writes that some Greeks among those who used to come to Jerusalem for the Passover approached Philip and Andrew and asked to see Jesus (Jn. 12.20-24). The Greeks, as seekers of truth, were willing to listen to something novel in order to meet the new boss. ...
Greek OrthodoxJesus knew that the Greeks, who came to him, people were mad and looking for a troubled spirit. In his confrontation with them, he exclaimed: "The hour has come, the son of man to be glorified" (Jn 12,23). Indeed, the Greeks were scarce, but Jesus saw in them not only the Greeks but the Romans and Scythians and other peoples in all times and places, which will also seek to find it. Jesus said that the time has come for the Christian gospel to be proclaimed outside the limited boundaries of ancient Israel. The Greeks played an important role in the kerygma and the Didache Christ. The Greeks found in the person of Christ the eternal Logos and the "unknown God" of their ancestors, and Christ found in them true believers and devoted to the apostles of the New Kingdom.
Greek ChurchIt is thanks to this historic meeting "unknown God" and the Greeks themselves, that Christianity has become ecumenical religion. How T.R. Glover put it: "The main contribution - that Christianity must be universal ... the Greek really secured the triumph of Jesus, Greek was his demand for this thing .... Even the shortcomings of the Greek indirectly served the Church." Thus Christianity and Hellenism, hugging each other in harmony of faith and culture enrich each other. The Greek Orthodox Church today, people born outside the union between the incarnate Logos and Hellenism.