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Christian Color Symbol

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Christian Color SymbolIn Christianity, and the color used in the symbolic ritual decoration (banners, and decorations, etc.) and to a lesser degree in Christian art. Symbolic colors and are rarely used in the Bible. Black is a symbol of death, and ritual is a sort of Good Friday. Sin can also lead to the black murder. Blue, the color of the sky, is a symbol of heaven. It can also be used to symbolize the truth. Blue win acceptance as a liturgical color of Christmas. Brown is the color of spiritual death and degradation. Gray is the color of the shaft, which is used sometimes to repent, and can be used during Lent. Green is the color of plant life and abundant in the spring. It is used for the triumph of life over death. Green is the liturgical color of the Trinity in the season, certain traditions, and can be used in other areas during the Epiphany. Purple is the color of grief and remorse. It is also the color of kings. Purple is the liturgical seasons of Christmas, and Lent. Red is the color of blood, and what is the color of the liturgical memory of the holy martyrs. Red color is used as ritual feast, because the color of fire. White is a symbol of purity, innocence and holiness. Is the color of the liturgical seasons of Christmas and Easter. Sometimes represented by silver eggs. The yellow color of the light can be used to the sky. However, since the yellow light is not pure white, and can also be used as a symbol of corruption and degradation.