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Christian Greek & Latin Symbols

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Latin and Greek, letters, words and abbreviations are often seen in Christian art. But not exactly code, referred to the meaning and wider, especially for Christians. The aim of the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, showing that Jesus is "the beginning and the end, that is eternal. (Audit 1:8) Chi Ro The Chi Ro symbol is one of the first letters of "Christ" in Greek. It should be noted that the task for the fight, the Emperor Constantine saw this symbol in the air and heard the words "and the signature, and oppression." Ecce Gay means "Here men" before Pilate, who said that the heart of Jesus. Ecce Agnus Dei is Latin for "Ha pregnancy," he said. This term is used during the Epiphany, which celebrates the manifestation of Christ. INRIA is the Latin abbreviation for "Jesus Christ, King of the Jews" sign above Jesus on the cross (John 19:19) Despite the signing of the contracts say Jesus Christ, Christians, and given expression as a recognition of the faith. IXθYΣ or Ichthus Greek word "fish" and the poem "for Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Savior." View Christian fish symbol for more information. IHS or IHC is the first three letters of the Greek word "Jesus" (corn, eta, sigma).