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Christian Number Symbol

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Christian Number SymbolChristian Number Symbol
Numbers are often used in the Bible (especially in the terrible and the Prophet) and pictorial symbols to denote different concepts of Christian theology. The following are the most widely accepted interpretation of numerical codes.
A national unity, the unity of God and the unity of the church. The second is the overlap. In particular, symbolize the human and the divine nature of Christ or the physical and spiritual. The number three is the Trinity (Father and Son and Holy Spirit.) Four representatives of the four evangelists (authors of the Bible), and the four corners of the earth, or four seasons. Dealing with the latter in some cases, the number of the country. Five brands ago five wounds of Christ on the cross (hands, feet and face) and a sacrifice. The creation of six, since God in six days, or defect, in less than seven the number of perfection. Seven is the number of perfection. God rested on the seventh day, Paul lists seven gifts of the Spirit of Christ spoke seven words of the cross. The number seven is very prominent in the book of Revelation terrible, where there are seven seals, seven churches and many other things that a total of seven. Eight is regeneration and resurrection. So the baptism of the many lines and eight faces, such as through baptism. Nine is the number of angels or a mystery, because there are nine choir of angels. It symbolizes the culmination of ten, because there are Ten Commandments, and ten of epidemics, etc.. Twelve and is often used as the church, where there are 12 tribes of Israel and 12 Apostles. The treason, because he 13 people in the Last Supper. Forty symbolic test or tests after the flood of Noah, Israel wandering in the desert, Moses in the bush. Sinai, and the temptation of Jesus in the desert forty days, each day. Season of Lent is a period of forty days for this reason. Usually refers to the existence of hundreds of plentitude or integrity as it is ten times ten. A is a very large number, in the end, or forever.
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