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Saint Melania

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Saint Melania Female Saints Elder or Maior Desert was a mother who was an influential figure inFemale Saintsmovement of Christian Economy (fathers and mothers ofFemale Saintsdesert), which appeared inFemale Saintsgeneration afterFemale Saintsemperor Constantine to ChristianityFemale Saintsofficial religion ofFemale Saintsempire of Romania. He was a contemporary and well-known Abba Macarius, and other parents ofFemale Saintsdesert in Egypt, and St. Jerome, St. Augustine, St. Paulinus of Nola (son of my uncle or cousin in law, and it gives a description of color from visiting and was founded by Nola in his letters ), and Evagrius of Pontus, and this religious sect onFemale SaintsMount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Women inFemale Saintsearly history ofFemale Saintschurch, I found a few records. Lived, "MelaniaFemale Saintslargest (325-410), one ofFemale Saintswealthiest citizens ofFemale Saintsempire, who was born in Spain and was married atFemale Saintsage of fourteen years, but there are some known facts aboutFemale Saintscommander of one of its kind, with her husband, Basil, Maxim Valery onFemale Saintsoutskirts of Rome. Lost her husband and two ofFemale Saintsthree sons ofFemale Saintsdisease when they were in 2002. Moved with her remaining son Valeria Publicola or Poplicola in Rome.

And he became a Christian in Rome and went to Alexandria to meet with other Christian ascetics - with her wealthy relatives ofFemale SaintsRomanian opposition to it strongly.

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