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Saint Faber

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Saint Faber (also Saint-Feadhbar Febor or St) is the patron of the Sacred Heart Church in Boho, County Fermanagh, and Monet.
Female Saints Faber bullán in townland of Killydrum, Boho

One of the first signs of Female Saints Faber in the manuscript known as the Martyrology of Oengus Óengus Caldy from Tallaght, was estimated to have been written at the beginning of the ninth century. These ties with Female Saints Boho (Botha) and Tuath Ratha (Ter Ratha), together with their holiday (Nov. 6), as follows: "Fedbair maiden uaichnich H. Botha in the Ratha-Terre." This was confirmed in the text of 1630, "Martyrology of Donegal:. Calendar of Saints of Ireland"

There is a common myth that Female Saints Faber and pet deer that carried out the Scriptures, in accordance with the mandate. One day, and deer, because she was on her way to meet the Baron on Phelan at his palace in Boho, harassed by some hunting dogs. In order to escape, jumped into the river deer Sillees and destruction of books in Female Saints Fabers. (Ran River Sillees earlier, from Boho to the sea), St, and then placed a curse on the river, he would stand aside, and the river twisted and jumped, and now go along the sea-eagle High laugh, and not on Sea. The second part of her curse, that the river would be good for drowning and bad for fishing. If you look closely on the way to the river today you can see there are still some old ways, which are dried or depressions formed in the earth as a plant.

It is known that Female Saints Faber establishment of the monastery / convent in Boho, and possibly in place of the church in North Toneel and introduced Christianity in the region. There are many sites related to Faber Street near Boho including bullán Female Saints Faber (Pool sludge), Saint-Faber is good, whether found in the townland of Killydrum, Boho.

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