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St. Margaret Mary Alacoque | Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

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Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque or Marguerite Marie Alacoque (22 July 1647 – 17 October 1690) was mystic & French Roman Catholic nun, The promoter of Devotion of sacred hearts of Jesus into modern form.

Large IV Revelation

Claude went Margaret Mary to write everything he said to them. She even though it found this abhorrent to a large extent, you do not want to draw attention to itself, it is by persuasion. Then they burned everything I wrote in as soon as it was completed. In this way, I thought he had fulfilled the conditions set by the belief of the Father Claude. However, when recognized, the campus has to burn her writings. Our Lord came shortly after Mary Margaret announced the fourth and final major revelation.

June 1675, again during the octave of Corpus Christi, God gave Mary Margaret fourth and final period of his kingdom. This is the Eucharist! Jesus and Mary Margaret said that even though there are those who love and worship God, and there are those who return his love is at risk without limitation or qualification, what comes to them in the Eucharist, with cooler and indifference. He went on to say that although there are those who say they believe he is really in the Eucharist, and that the real existence comes to us in time of devotion during Mass, they go to the altar without going to the story, which was carrying him while he was in a state of sin . Cried, and there are those who say they believe his body and blood, soul, theology, really exists in the host proceeds of crime on campus, and preserved in the monstrance during the worship of the Eucharist, but do not have time to go and visit him. This revelation and called for reform for the sins committed against Jesus in the sacraments of love.

Margaret Mary by the Holy Sacraments when God appeared to him, and revealed his heart and gave the divine message the last of his kingdom. And told her she can do is better than any return to the great love doing what I do is:

"Behold this Heart Which so much loved men, that it spared nothing, even to exhausting Itself, in order to give them testimony of Its love, and in return I mostly receive ingratitude, through their irreverence and sacrilege, and through the coldness and scorn that they have for Me in this Sacrament of Love. What causes Me most sorrow is that there are hearts consecrated to Me who treat Me thus.

"Therefore, I ask of you that the first Friday after the Octave of Corpus Christi be set apart for a special Feast in honor of My Heart, by receiving Communion that day, and by making solemn reparation and honorable amends to make good the insults that It receives when It is exposed on the Altars. I promise you that My Heart shall deign to shed abundantly the influence of Its Divine Love upon those who rend It this honor and induce others so to honor It."11

Claude went Colombiere in Mary Margaret will fully meet the Lord. Wanted addition, his heart was touched by the great revelation, to be the first to do what the Heart of Jesus authorized.

Ten years passed before the celebration of the heart will be created in a monastery where he finds the visit took place, and Father Claude Colombiere because they had suggested such a thing.

This will be the next ten years will be difficult for them to Margaret Mary. Saumaise left the mother, who came to believe and support them, and a monastery to become higher than another monastery. But he insisted on it before she left, Margaret Mary nuns say what God has ordered them to contact them. Margaret Mary, most of the dead alive, and he obeyed reluctantly. In front of the whole society, she shared convictions that God said: "It would leave them and the monastery. Remained kneeling, with the modest among many angry, fight, rebel, and sisters, threats and intimidation, she later wrote:

"If I had been able to gather together all the sufferings, I had experienced until then, and all those I have had since, and if all of them had continued until death, this would not seem comparable to me to what I endured that night!"... "I was dragged from one place to another, with unbelievable humiliations."

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