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Saint Statues | Saint Statues For The Garden

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Saint statues part of an exhibition of our religious, you will find a wide range of Catholic saint statues, including St. Francis, St. Joseph, St. Michael, St. Anthony and St. wheelchair (saint in the garden).saint statues for sale, saint statues for the garden | Female Saints Statues

St. Francis Statues

Statue of St. Francis is a very popular choice to decorate your home or garden. Francis called for simplicity of life, poverty, and humility before God. Was working for the welfare of the poor, and one of his early work after the conversion was to care for leprosy patients. And placed thousands of devotion, piety, and joy. In all his actions, Francis sought to follow fully and literally the way of life made by Jesus in the Gospels.

Patron saint of animals, charity, and St. Francis (1182-1226) has proved to be a symbol of an ideal in the garden. Compared with the leafy vegetables from your garden, St. Francis statues will awaken the pastoral beauty of Italy, where St. Francis himself walked, cumin with divine spirit manifested in the natural world. You will notice that we have many of the statue of St Francis as ponds and bird feeders.

Statues of St. Joseph

As the husband of Mary, and Joseph in the draw of faith in God to protect his wife and his family through difficult times. Making power and a guardian and husband has the patron saint of fathers and families, and workingmen. A carpenter, as he is linked to real estate being a saint and the belief that burying a statue of him next to your for sale sign and expedite the sale of your home. We do not recommend this to any of the statues we have.

Saint Anthony Statues

Anthony was born in 1195 near Lisbon, Portugal in the family is very rich. However, for Christ's sake, and he became a Franciscan priest of the poor. Resulted in speech and offer an incredible skills in life where he was traveling constantly, and preaching, and preaching, teaching and theology in all parts of Italy and France. He drew crowds wherever he went, speaking in multiple languages, and remains one of the dearest and the saints, images, statues and found him everywhere.

Like all saints, is an example of the transformation of life to Christ completely. Dedication made him a popular saint of finding lost things as he found himself lost completely the rule of God.

Wheelchair St. - patron saint of gardeners

Born in Ireland, raised the St. wheelchair in a monastery in the time that left more than learning and knowledge of people in the care and protection of the monks. Bring travelers seeds and plant material, as well as cultural enlightenment from as far away as Rome and the Holy Land.

St. wheelchair for several days in the monastery taught him a deep love of silence, and the joys of planting and harvesting crops and appreciation of nature. Attracted in the religious life and the desire to serve God only, cart decided to create a silo of worship. He traveled to the south, and chose a wooded area near the River Nore in his house, with a cave for meditation, and a well for drinking water and swimming river.

He said the monks in those days, doctors of the body and spirit. People soon flocked to the vehicle for prayer, food and healing. Feed the hungry and healing the sick with herbs from the garden of his home and pray for all who came there. Vehicle traveled longing for isolation of worship, to France, where the bishop Mio grant of land in a wooded area near the River Marne. Built a hut near a well, clearing space for his garden of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs.

He attributed the miracle of the first vehicle, which later became the cause of holiness to him, occurred when he asked for additional land for the garden of the local bishop. Farrow said Bishop coach, he could have a lot of land as he can and should take in one day. According to legend, breakfast gig only a spade him all over the earth, causing trees to topple and the uprooting of shrubs. The flow of this talk publication of a miracle and the people to him for food, healing and spiritual guidance.

St. Michael Statues

St. Michael, the archangel. Michael shows the name of "Who is like God", and was crying a good angels in the battle fought in heaven against Satan and his followers. The Bible describes one effect of the crime of St. Michael's Primary, and the commander of the Air Force in their victory over the forces of hell. And supervised by especially invoked the patron and protector of the church since the Apostles.

Although he always called the owners, and the Greek Fathers and many others place him on all angels - as Prince of the Seraphim. St. Michael is the Patron of groceries and sailors, paratroopers, police and disease.

Female Saints Saint Statues

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