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Serbian Orthodox

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serbian orthodoxSerbs who converted to Christianity shortly after their arrival in the Balkans, and the division of Great divide Christian church in opposition to the Latin language (Roman Catholic) and Greek-speaking Eastern Orthodox Church. During In the early Middle Ages, the religious affiliation of the Serbs was divided between the two Churches. In various Serbian principalities united Ecclesiastically 13 early in the century of Saint Sava, the son of Serbian ruler and founder of the Serbian state in the Middle Ages Stefan Nemanja and brother of Stefan Prvovencani, the first Serbian King. Sava Church convince Patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church to set up in Serbia The independent Sava himself a bishop, devoted in 1219. The status of the Serbian Orthodox Church has grown with the growth and prestige of the Middle Ages in the UK Serbia. When King Stefan Dusan's empire himself Emperor in 1346 and was the Archdiocese of Beach Respectively, and was promoted to the rank of Patriarchate. In this century that followed, the Serbian Church achieved the highest Power and prestige.