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Orthodox Religion | Saints | Prayers

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Orthodox Saints

In the saints and angels is an important role in the Greek Orthodox Church and faith. All Greeks are baptized named in honor of Saint, and thus celebrated name, not your birthday.

Saints may be divided into six main categories: 1) the apostles 2) and the prophets 3) Martyrs 4) Father and St. 5) monks 6) Just. In Iconography, they tend to spend accordingly.

Below is a list of saints that are respected in the Orthodox religion, and you can read, who they are. Perhaps named one of them ... To find out the names of the Greek language, please take a look, Name Days.

Orthodox Prayers
The Lord's Prayer
The Creed
Introductory Prayer
Prayer at Daybreak - Archimandrite Sophronios
Morning Prayers
Prayers at Mealtime
Evening Prayers
The Compline Service
The Thrice-Holy
Prayers of Preparation Before Holy Communion
Prayers of Thanksgiving After Holy Communion
Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Prayers to the Mother of God
Prayers to the Guardian Angel
Prayers to the Patron Saint
Prayer of Saint Basil the Great
Prayer of Saint John Chrysostom
Prayer of Saint Ephraim
Prayer of Philaret, Metropolitan of Moscow
Prayer of the Optina Elders
Prayer for the Living
Prayer of the Married
Prayer for Parents
Prayer of Parents for their Children
Prayer for Enemies
Prayers of Thanksgiving
Office for the Victims of Abortion