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Orthodox Icons

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Orthodox iconsIcon of great importance for the Orthodox Christians. This is beautiful, and detailed paintings, described as "the windows in the kingdom of God." They are used in worship, both in the decoration of the church and private homes. Code is similar to a prayer, half of the sentence. The symbol is usually complex, two-dimensional painting. And often have a background of gold paper and are usually in the wood. Shows Christ and his mother Mary, and scenes from the Bible or the lives of the saints. Preparation for painting an icon with iconographer prayer and fasting. A symbol of worship for Orthodox Christians to enter the holy place with God. Sacred symbol, often, candles and oil lamps burned before. Kisses server code, and making the sign of the Cross, kneeling or prostration before him. In most Orthodox churches the altar or sanctuary, and separated from the main body of the church a solid screen (known iconostasis), violated the three sections, one in the center section known as the Bible. The screen is decorated with icons, the most important are those on both sides of the door of Christ and the Holy Mother of God. These are usually accompanied by icons of St. John the Baptist, Saint or the feast, and is dedicated to the church. Russian iconostasis in the church is usually solid wall decorated with four or five rows of symbols in accordance with the traditional pattern. Author of England, Sir John Tavener is one of the most prominent followers of the Orthodox Christian symbols and "the most sacred and most important of which still exist." In this clip on the interpretation of these works.