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The Orthodox Churches

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The Orthodox ChurchThe Orthodox Church is one of the three main groups of the Christian (and some other" Catholic and Protestant). About 200 million people follow the Orthodox tradition. " It consists of a number of self-rule that none of the independent churches (for example, with the head (or "independent" (ie autonomy). "Orthodox churches are united in faith and a common approach to theology, tradition and religion, which is based on elements of Greek, Middle East, Russia and the Slavic culture. Each church has the geographical (not national) to address most of the cultural traditions of the believers. Word of the Church, and the meaning of the words Greek Orth (right) and minds ( "Faith"). Therefore, the word means to correct the Orthodox faith, the right thinking. Traditions of the Orthodox Christian Eastern Roman Empire developed, formed by the press, politics and peoples of the region. From the east of the capital of the Byzantine Roman Empire was the way Christianity is sometimes called the "Byzantine Christianity." Orthodox churches share with other Christian churches, and faith that God in Jesus Christ and the embodiment of faith in Christ, and the renaissance of steel. Orthodox Church differs considerably from other churches in the way of life and worship, and some aspects of theology. Holy Spirit, and this is a guide of the Church through the whole body of the church, as well as priests and bishops.