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The Antiochian Orthodox Church

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Antiochian Orthodox ChurchThe Antiochian Orthodox Church is one of the five churches that make it a holy Catholic and Apostolic Church before the Great schism, and today is one of the independent Eastern Orthodox churches. He claims that he is the sole legitimate successor to the Christian community founded in Antioch by St. Peter the Apostle. North America, a separate department, but the Holy Synod of Antioch is apoints Chairman Bishop.

The seat of the Patriarchate of Antioch and was in the past, in what is now Turkey, but is now in Damascus, Syria, on the "Street called Straight."

Claim is disputed by the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch, the Orthodox East in the context of the division between the two countries signed during the Christology of the Council of chalcedony. And the Syrian Catholic Church, the Maronite Church and the Catholic Church, Greek Melkite, all in communion with the Roman Catholic church, and for the convening of the Patriarchate. The Catholic church also claimed nominal Patriarchate of violence, and appointed many centuries, until it renounces such claims in 1964.

Representative of the Patriarchate in North America by the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Diocese of North America.

His beatitude Patriarch Ignatius IV founded the University of Balamand, Lebanon, in 1988. This includes H. John of Damascus Faculty of Theology.