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MirabaiMirabai was born in 1504 in a rural area of Rajasthan state Chaukari Merta. If the child Mirabai spent time playing with a small image of Krishna. Nobody knows its crazy. But this doll is the embodiment of Mirabai to Lord Krishna district. Mirabai From the first years of his life devoted to worship and praise of their beloved Krishna. However, depsite intense commitment to his life, and great difficulty with his family, and it is not time spent in devotion to Krishna. Her father, a rattan Singh was the second son of RW Duda, strain Jodhaji Rao, on the contrary, the founder of Jodhpur. Mayer, when the mother has died, aged ten years. She came to life and his grandfather, who died in 1515. Her father is the elder brother Vikram Deo who succeeded to the throne Prince BHO arranged marriage Raj, eldest son of Rana Sanga on twitter. Marriage Meere high social status waffle governor acknowledged that the leader of the Hindu princes. But luck does not contribute to the Princess Mir. A born in 1527 in accordance lost husband and father and fatherin law. Procedures, which are dedicated his life to Lord Krishna, mourn over Mir was born, and the general political and social unrest in India. Bloody conflicts bit selfish gains and contempt for human life and hatred of others is the norm. Meyer was surprised by a loss to understand what is happening around. Looks like the world, found in Chaitanya Vaishnav Panth devoted his life and love for Lord Krishna. Mirabai spent a large part of their time to pray and worship, be careful not to sign the royal family. This has led to it was subjected to severe hardship and punishment. These physical problems, and has become intolerable, and a call for Krishna, left the palace for good, and went on a pilgrimage to Mathura, Vrindavana and finally Dwarika. Mirabai was born a poet. His style and his intense and deep love for God. There are hundreds of simple lines and simple style. They are full of vitality and passion. DB. The poet in the history of India more respect from the Mir. Very popular with the poems, sing, and rich and poor, and even to this day. His life spent in the euphoria of dance and vocal qualities of her beloved Krishna. Mirabai left this world in the 1550 fatal reunited with her beloved Krishna. It is regarded as one of the most important Hindu holy men, and will always be remembered.