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Akka Mahadevi

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Akka MahadeviAkka Mahadevi was born about 1150 AD Udutadi Shivamogga in Karnataka today. His parents, Nirmalshetti and Sumati, were big fans of Shiva. Mahadevi Akka, and a young child shows his or her religious leanings. Was a model of beauty, poetry, song and the princess. Vachanas his words or evidence from a poetic account of the reaction of wonder and surprise of life. Surprisingly, in spite of the same, and there is poetry in his words, but to deepen and expand the world of meditation. Spiritual yearning, which shift the focus of the great miracle of the universe from its role in self-defense. In the search for God, preferring Channamallikarjuna, I live for the joy of his poetic genius and emotional principles must be to explore the infinite depths of the soul, and the key principle that God created or meditation. We measured the heights of philosophical imagination, but it is still not satisfied with the mere intellectual curiosity, and asked more and more in the center of the reference to God, which is close to the hot through love and sincerity. She felt instinctively that the man can never be fully resolved and, finally, on the basis of self-discipline and knowledge, although discipline is difficult and considerable knowledge. There are more humane approach to God through love and pure love without selfishness, leaving most of the obstacles as an intermediary between the divine and dedicated.
Followers of the philosophy of the company Trividhi Guru, Linga and Jangama. A child Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and has shown great interest and commitment to religious practice. As adults, who refuse to accept the world and life Sanyasin. It is an unusual step for a woman widely criticized Allma. Allamaprabhu and Kinnari Bommayya. Question to each of the actions and decisions, but to explain and defend them in full. Settled at a later time he called Basavakalyan Kalyan was the capital of the Chalukya dynasty in the West .. She is believed to represent all the movement, and this, of course, Vachana to social rights for women.