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Baptist Female Saints

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I am writing these words on November 1. For more than a thousand years, November 1, was fixed date All Saints Day "in the Christian calendar. When I was pastor of First Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia, crossed the road one day in St. Joseph to ask John J. Cuddy educate me about the origin of and the significance of All Saints Day. " Father Cuddy said, in an effort to honor the memory of the great saints of the church began after the "days" holy "about the early history of the Church (St. Peter's Day, St Stephen's Day, the day of St. John, etc). Baptist Female Saints, Baptist Catholics, some point, if what the church knew that the Church more saints than there are days in the year, so the Church has developed the idea of "All Saints Day" in honor of all those who believe less is known, who deserve their own day, but none times.

Today is All Saints Day, I want to write one of these saints. His name is Don. He is a member of Sweet Rock Missionary Baptist Church. Every Monday, he leads the singing and preaching a sermon on the inner city community of faith called the skillet. (Don can play the piano as Gabriel can play the horn.)

Don lived for nearly a decade of his adult life. He knew the dangers of absolute poverty and the homeless, night after night, year after year. But now, by the grace of God, to care about others and work harder than the Don, is the landlord. And he uses his amazing gifts and his story more amazing rise of the poor, marginalized and homeless, as he used to.

Don the Baptist St.; Baptist saint who embodies the everyday, what the Bible says about caring for the poor, like most of you are saints, and I know: .. Not famous enough to be his own holy day, on behalf of Don in the Christian calendar, it appears, again, why we have Baptists day each year to honor all the saints who deserve their own day, but not once.