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Saint Rita | Patron Saints |

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Saint Rita was born in Roccaporena near Spoleto, Umbria, Italy. Married at the age of Paolo Mancini 12. Her parents arranged her marriage, despite the fact that she repeatedly begged them to let her enter the convent. Mancini was rich, quick-tempered, a womanizer, who had many enemies in the region. Female Saints Rita endured his insults, and abuse, and infidelity for 18 years, and carry two of his sons with Mancini, Antonio Maria Paulo Dzhandzhakomo. Although she tried to lodge Catholic values, and their children is sacred to most of his life.

By the end of the life of her husband, and helped Female Saints Rita to convert him to live a more godly. Although Mancini became more comfortable, his allies betrayed him, and he was brutally stabbed to death. Before his death, and repented in Female Saints Rita Church, and she forgave him for his crimes against them.

Mancini after the murder of her son's own desire to take revenge on the killers of his father. Be aware that the killing was a mistake, I tried to convince them to revenge, but to no avail. It was, instead, the blessings of God. God has heard the words of Female Saints Rita and her children had died from natural causes (dysentery), a year later.

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