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Saint Elizabeth Fry

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Elizabeth Fry was a prison reformer, English and social reformer, and as a Quaker, Christian philanthropist.

Fry was the driving force behind new legislation to make it more humane treatment of prisoners, and expressed support for the efforts of the reigning monarch. Since 2001 he has been represented the Bank of England note 5 pounds.

Elizabeth Fry also helped the homeless, and the creation of housing for the night in London when he saw the boy's body in the winter of 1819/1820. In 1824, during a visit to Brighton, and he put the company Brighton visitor. Society is organized for volunteers to visit homes of poor and provide aid and comfort to them. This plan was successful and was repeated in other regions and cities across the UK.

After her husband went bankrupt in 1828, he became a brother Frey Director of the business and donor community. Thanks to him, he went to work and expand.

In 1840 Fry opened a training school for nurses. Inspired by his Florence Nightingale, who took a team of nurses Fry to help soldiers wounded in the Crimean War.

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