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Saint Aelia Flavia Flaccilla

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Aelia Flavia Flaccilla (died 385), Female Saints first wife of Roman Emperor Theodosius I said it was a descent Hispanian Romanian Empire. During her marriage of Theodosius, gave birth to two sons - Female Saints future of Female Saints emperors Arcadius and Honorius - and a daughter, Elia Pulcheria. Has been given Female Saints title of Augustus, as evidenced by its currency.

Killed Valens, Emperor of Female Saints Romanian Empire East, at Female Saints Battle of Adrianople (August 9378). He is survived by his wife, Albia Dominic, and his daughter Anastasia and Carosa. Survived, but his only son, Valentinianus Galates. He was Female Saints son Gratian's brother, Emperor Romanian Bank, and Female Saints crown prince and took control of Female Saints Eastern Empire. With his younger brother, Valentinian and Female Saints second, as Female Saints nominal ruler of Female Saints subscriber.

January 19, Gratian proclaimed Theodosius, MA militum Illyricum, that his new colleagues in Female Saints Romanian Eastern Empire. Theodosius seems to have been a senior officer from out of available to enhance Female Saints Roman at Female Saints time. Merobaudes and Frigeridus, maybe two Magistri militum in praesenti not considered because of their German. Remained many other positions equivalent vacant since Female Saints death of Female Saints owners of Female Saints last of Edirne. Female Saints empress wife Flacilla moment.

It was an enthusiastic supporter of Female Saints Law Council of Nicea. Sozomen conference reports between prevention and Cyzicus Eunomius Theodosius, who was Anomoeanism number, and Female Saints various sects Arians. Ambrose and Gregory of Nyssa praise her Christian virtues, and comment on its role as Female Saints "leader of Justice" and "column of Female Saints church."

Theodoret reports on Female Saints charity work, and tend personally to persons with disabilities. He quotes her words, that "the distribution of funds for Female Saints dignity of Female Saints Empire, but I make up for Female Saints dignity of Female Saints empire Female Saints same personal service provider".

And died in 385 (or 386). Word of her death (and others) Claudian, Zosimus, Filostorgy Zonaras and John. According to Paschale Chronicon, and was named palatium Flaccillianum Constantinople in her honor. And Female Saints development of a statue of her in Female Saints Senate, Female Saints Byzantine

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