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Catholic Church Saints

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Catholic Church SaintsLearn more about the Holy Catholic Church, a well-known, such as St. Mary, St. Peter and St. Patrick, in the less well known, such as St. Ephrem the Syrian. Find biographies and histories of saints, the prayers and the prayers of these holy men and women. Connect with the history and spirituality of the Catholic Church, having joined the communion of saints.

Many Christians understand the de devotion to the holy, holy men ET-de-Women Who ONT Leur lived an exemplary Christian life. Even our Yu Yu life does not end with death, but our colleagues on the role of members of Christ Our body Leur continue after death. This communion of Saints IP If this important article de faith in all the "Confessions of Christians, from the time of Le Apostles Creed.

Saints, in general, those who followed Jesus Christ and to live their life according to his teachings. Catholics, however, also uses the term narrowly to refer to the characteristics of holy men and women who, thanks to a special life force, are already in the sky.

Chaplet of Divine Mercy devotion is relatively recent, but very popular, which was opened by our Lord to Saint Faustina Kowalska, Maria, the Polish nun. Although the beads most often read between Good Friday and Divine Mercy Sunday (Sunday after Easter), it can be offered throughout the year. Standard rosary can be used to pray her rosary.