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Patron saints

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Patron saintsThere is a saint who is regarded as the intercessor in heaven, and the call of the nation, place, and crafts, activity, class, or one . Patron Saints, because it has moved on to the ground, they are able to intervene effectively to the unique needs of the charges. Some consider it a special devotion to God, and show humility to ask the broker saint instead of waiting for the answer itself. This site information on the topics along with the patron saints, saints, and profiles. Photo profiles, and information on the curriculum vitae, and areas of care, prayer, and links to relevant sites, and readings, and so on, through indexing, there are several ways to access information. It's not perfect - I have always found new subjects, and there are thousands of saints are not, and there are a lot of information to add, so the site will grow and change. Thank you for the visit. In various forms of Christianity, especially in the Roman Catholic, the pastor has a special affinity for a brand or group. Saint Florian is the saints of firefighters, and St. Christopher saints of travelers, for example. Eastern Orthodox saints, generally do not link with the professions and activities, or do so to a much lesser degree.Patron Saint