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Orthodox Church America

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Orthodox Church AmericaThe Orthodox Church in America is an independent Eastern Orthodox Church in North America. Jonah, the son of his uncle Metropolitana (Paffhausen), who was elected Nov. 12, 2008 and formally established in December 28, at the headquarters of the Olympic Council of Asia in 2008.The Syosset, New York, and consists of more than 700 parishes, missions, communities and churches and institutions, located primarily in the United States and Canada. Additional parishes and missions in Mexico and Australia. The composition of the Asian Football Federation estimates vary, the latest data, ranging from a low of 27.169 to 1.064.000. Olympic Council of Asia in history began with the arrival of eight Russian Orthodox monks on the island of Kodiak, Alaska, then part of Russia to the United States in 1794. The monks put the mission in Alaska, which became the parish of the Russian Orthodox Church a few years after the United States purchased Alaska in Russia in 1867. In the late 19 th year the Russian Orthodox Church has increased in other regions in the United States because of the influx of immigrants from the regions of Europe and the Middle East. Many of these migrants, regardless of nationality or race, united in one diocese of North America from the Russian Orthodox Church. Due to the large number of disorders caused by the Bolshevik revolution, and the Patriarch Tikhon of Moscow in 1920 was sent to all Russian Orthodox churches outside Russia that govern themselves, if the central government in case of non-disabled or can not communicate with the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia took it.Some direction and, moreover, they serve as the basis for the declaration of independence, even without the requirement of the inability of the central administration to manage them. Although many ethnic diocese then under the jurisdiction of other Orthodox churches, as well as a large number of Orthodox in the United States, and became an independent Russian Orthodox and Greek Catholic churches in the United States (informally known as "City") in 1924 under the direction of the capital, Plato. Russian Orthodox and Greek Catholic Church in America autocephaly was awarded the Russian Orthodox Church in 1970 and renamed the Orthodox Church in America. In spite of the Asian Federation autocephaly not universally accepted by all Eastern Orthodox Churches Independent in full with the European Union. He is also a member of the Standing Committee of the Conference of Orthodox Bishops of America.