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German Saint

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German SaintSaint German sponsors of the exhibition on July 13 (operating system) (m July 24) Confusion between St. Germanus, bishop of Auxerre (died 448), and within months of the Roman Church, for example, Paul Gregory IX of the books in July 30 was the eve of this saint's day - a variant spelling of German. This was associated with Brittany when he was sent Germanus, at the request of the British, to refute the heretics pelagian. In the second visit, and again to refute Pelagianism, this time successfully sent British troops in a battle against the Saxons and the pictures. The festival was celebrated on a large scale in England. The various references to the German it is impossible to reconcile the time Germanus with the most popular and most have been several virtual, including one living in Britain who was born c.410, went to Ireland to stay with St. Patrick's, and came to Wales, c.440, he returned to Ireland and became Bishop of c .466 Man.

German delegation immerses itself in Saint Vincent's history
When Richard Heindl, a nephew of the great greatest founder of the College of Saint Vincent Boniface Wimmer arrived Friday evening on campus, said the first thing he saw was a cathedral Archabbey.

"We see the towers of the Cathedral of the night was my first impression of the place," said Mr. Heindl. "The way they have been welcomed here, the community of monks and wonderful."

Mr. Heindl was part of a delegation from the Father WIMER German Thalmassing Muscat. That he and his colleagues did the first visitors to be surprised by the view of San Vicente de church on a hill overlooking the farmland.

San Vicente is generally recognized as the Catholic University, where such a preseason training camp. Many people do not realize is also home to the largest church in the Benedictine world.

Thalmassing so members of the delegation who is visiting St. Vincent, as part of the celebration of 's200th Boniface Wimmer Christmas, and they were saying that learning some new things - not only on St. Vincent, but his son, and the enormous role played by the Catholic Church and the Benedictine Order in the United States.

Today, St. Vincent as a college and seminary, and a monastery for Benedictine monks almost 200. But when the father passes in 1846, Saint Vincent and the small, and the Catholic community in the rural areas.

Of 18 young people and is the father brought from Germany to become the first St. Vincent and the seminar class, and St. Vincent Benedictine Monastery of the first in the country.

Douglas R.. Archabbot Nowicki, OSB, is the President of Saint Vincent and the father said Wimmer personal motto - "always forward, forward" - and came in a plain in the face of the challenges of America.

After that, I found a monk parish needs requires a different interpretation of the charges that he knew the priest in Germany.

Saint Vincent and despite the fact that the seminar aimed to educate the monks Archabbot Nowicki said: "came to the farmers, and asked him, Do you want to teach our children?" "

The father's response is the opening of registration for the Laity. School was approved by the State to provide a degree in 1870.

When I found the greatest herd of Irish and German members of the Eastern Europe, and the father is required to adapt the monks to learn the English language, and lessons in the languages of Eastern Europe.

Archabbot Nowicki, adding that this adjustment in the face of America and diversity also extends to Boniface Wimmer strong missionary activities.

Sent to find the other seven Benedictine monks in monasteries, 150 parishes and 75 schools Benedictines Benedictines in various places such as Chicago and Newark, New Jersey; wilds of Saskatchewan, Colorado, and southern Alabama and Georgia.

It has also established schools and American Indian of African descent, and two of population is not always recognized by the heads of the churches of the time.

It was noted that while archabbot is not well known in the United States, Father Wimmer has called "the greatest Roman Catholic missionary of the 19th century America," of the famous Catholic John Tracy Ellis.

The father ran the other outstanding achievements recognized by the Authority in the history of the Catholic Church.

During a visit to Rome in 2008, archabbot launched a new publication of a series of letters to the Father is, Pope Benedict XVI, who is also from Germany.

"He said: 'Yes, we have the most famous Bavarian" archabbot. "And I replied, 'the second most famous, Your Holiness."

Plan to visit San Vicente Thalmassing and other relevant sites to visit Father Wimmer to the state of Bavaria in 2005 that Archabbot Nowicki. First, Thalmassing visited in 1996 during the celebration of 150th anniversary of San Vicente, and again in October to 10 days.

The German delegation, which includes Thalmassing American population and the descendants of the family of the father and is also visited Pittsburgh, Ligonier, Carrolltown (Cambria town), Washington, DC.

The father is the statue in the center of Thalmassing, but Mayor Alphonse Kiendl the 200th anniversary of the birth of a monk has given everyone the opportunity to learn more about.

Through an interpreter, Mr. Kiendl Residents Thalmassing very proud of all its citizens, "but that the details that have emerged to increase their appreciation of the achievements of the father and the pass.

Rev. Anton Schober, who served 30 years in the church where he was going through the ordination of the father in 1831, he said, adding that all historical study can not do what you have done during this visit.

"The appearance of real, to be in this place, much more than I knew before," said Pastor Schober, through an interpreter. "Our respect for this great project, a son of our parish community has grown and where we can see the eyes of his life and work."

German Saint