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Catholic Baptism

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Catholic BaptismAccording to the Roman Catholic Church, as well as the assets associated with the mystery of the baptism of Jesus Christ, to preach and practice during his lifetime. In the New Testament, and learn from the Catholic baptism of John, a relative of Christ. John deliberately forgive their sins. Baptism involves full integration into the Jordan River. While the Bible does not say that John is able to deliberately work after baptized Jesus, and many others, and given the name of John the Baptist. When Jesus came to John the Baptist, and requests that, in Jordan, and John did not want. He thinks it should be the one to ask for forgiveness of sins, because he recognizes Jesus Christ. In fact, before the baptism of Jesus, John preached to the outskirts of Jerusalem, the Savior who baptized in the fire of the Spirit, not water. He stressed, however, Jesus and John to complete the act of baptism. In the end, God the Father spoke from heaven, and the recognition of his son, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Jesus came in the form of a dove. Thus, the three members of the Church through the sacrament of the Trinity existed. After his baptism, and throughout the Gospels, and followed the instructions of Jesus Christ, to remain into the water and fire, which could enter the church at a later time, and the kingdom of heaven. And Jesus and his followers, who began to follow a core of religious faith, which allows them to be saved. Therefore, Catholics today continue this practice as a community, and welcomed the new members with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in the mystery of the Annunciation.