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Saint Agatha

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Saint AgathaStrongly agree with tradition and pious legend, Saint Agatha was born in Sicily in the year 230, of noble parents and was martyred in Catania, in the year 251. When the Roman emperor Decius issued a decree to prosecute the Christians, the local consul Quinti, who has long harbored feelings for Agatha luxuriant, tried to force his attention on it and want to get his inheritance, he took the opportunity to bring her to trial on suspicion of being a Christian and force them to renounce their faith. Quinti Agatha tried to break the vow of purity in his life for a month in a brothel. All efforts failed to deter Agatha. Despite the pressures instead Agatha survived this test, putting all their trust in the power of God. The consul then ordered to be beaten and that her breasts were crushed one cut. Then Agatha was consigned to the prison Saint Peter, where he appeared in a dazzling light and healed their wounds. In your search for the next day cured Quinti asks: "Who has healed you." To which she replied: "I was healed by the power of Jesus Christ." Quinti shouting in anger: "How dare you speak the name of Jesus, when you know that it is forbidden." "You can only offer sacrifices to the Roman gods." In that Agatha responds: "Do you think, silly, I love numbers stone, and deny the God of heaven that I healed? . Quinti then ordered that his body is dragged over a field of broken fragments and coal burning. During this torture Agatha thanked God for the strength to preserve her virginity, to defend their faith and defy their pursuers, saying: "Oh my Lord and Creator, I thank him for having protected me from the crib. It thank you for guiding me away from what is evil, lust and mundane. You have to thank you for the support of my suffering. And now waiting for their weapons I commend my spirit. "Having said that he died, was 5 February of the year 251. His name has been retained in the Roman Canon of the Mass in the first Eucharistic prayer. Agatha means "good" or "virtuous". Saint Agatha is the patron saint of nurses, firefighters and women suffering from breast cancer.
Saint Agatha was very beautiful. People looked at her and said, "Oh, she's the girl with a fair." Agatha is also very pure and good. She loved Jesus very much. God never promised to marry her. "All my love is yours," he said. "I will live and die."
Now it happened that the governor of Sicily, where he lived Agatha heard of her beauty. So I sent for her. The soldiers came and arrested her. "You are a Christian," they said. "So you must go to jail." "Dear Lord Jesus," which read: "I belong to you. Do not let this tyrant has power over me." He made love to her. But he refused. So I threw in jail. The governor is confident Agatha would be so scared of jail that she would consent to love him. Instead, she became the wicked woman who was his jailer love God too. Therefore, the Governor ordered to be tortured. She was not afraid. Then ordered to be beaten. "Dear Jesus," he exclaimed, "come and take me." And Jesus came and took her home to heaven. His feast is February 5.