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Candle Burning Petition

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Female saintsHere they are, one woman, good and merciful God. The petitions to the saints, and to support the main theme in the chat rooms in recent years, in the spirit of Christmas and the energies associated with Mars, the God of gods and the People's Party of payments, and we have a list to tell you how to use candle burning questions of privilege.

In response to a question to help the Catholic Female saints, and in general to support the demand for paper and put it on the correct color monitors. And that animal, the coat of arms or other object, the object, or a copy of this element of the altar as well. If you find a picture of Santa in the religious and storage, and the altar is the best.
St Agnes
Burning candle, white or blue on Friday to a request for them to help preserve the faithful man, a friend and find the spirit, or lack of integrity in the identification of relations .Your animal is pregnant.

Saint Ann
White candle burning in Monday to ask him a happy home and in the Pacific Ocean. He is the author of grandparents, home, housewives, mothers and women in the workplace. Call for help in dealing with deaf and blind.

Santa Barbara

The red candle burning on Saturday for the evil and protect your relationship with their opponents to be protected from interference, in accordance with the law, paving the way barriers to help people released from prison, and protection from storms. He is also the patron of a man his wife is in a state of war. The logo is a tower.

St. Maria Goretti

Candle fires and pink, and Friday to demand fidelity in marriage, and will contribute to violence or abuse from men, and to abolish the death penalty.

St. Brigid of Kildare

Yellow candles burning at Sunday to ask him: on the fertile, for healing, happiness and health of pets and farm animals, in order to assist in raising animals, the moral inspiration for gifts (especially poetry), and the sun of the prophets office. The symbol of a cow.

St. Clare of Assisi

White candle burning in Monday to prevent the star attack to help overcome addiction to alcohol and drugs.

St. Catherine of Alexandria

Burning candles, yellow or white, on Saturday to apply for its beauty and fertility, and death in the Pacific, as well as trust and confidence in the seduction of rhetoric. Symbol is helmsman.

Saint Frank

Burning candles in blue on Monday to help in the treatment and mental health disorders, epilepsy, psychosis, mania, and the star attack. The symbol indicates a safe.

Santa Cecilia

The green candle is lit on Wednesday to a successful career in the arts, especially if you're a musician and poet and singer. The coat of arms is the body.

St. Francis Xavier Cabrini

White candle burning in Sunday to help in the field of migration and displacement in another city or state in matters relating to health, education or insurance.

Saint Helena in Jerusalem

Burning of candles and red or pink on Friday to demand the return of lost love and obsession and the overcoming of sorrow and suffering. Coat of Arms is the Cross.

Saint-Jean d'Arc

Burning candle in Ramadi on Tuesday to seek spiritual strength, freedom from prisons of all species (and emotional, etc.) and their competitors, and energy.

St. Lucie

Burn white candles in the day to ask for their help in solving complex problems to solve, or even impossible, and depression, and to protect the eye or a star attack to find a lawyer and the right to temptation or addiction.

Santa Marta

Write the green and / or white candles in the day for help with financial problems and needs, and submit it to a loving husband, marriage, or to monitor the achievements of romantic rivals or enemies, or new love. The symbol is a dragon.

Santa Filomena

A candle is lit pink and green on Saturday to help in a desperate situation, problems with children, and discontent in the country, and the patient, as well as the sale of real estate and food for the poor and the mentally ill. Philomena is a favorite of single mothers. It is a symbol of an anchor investor.

In Santa Rita Cascais

White candle burning at Sun to help an abusive relationship, to act for the liberation from evil and spiritual strength and fortitude Female Saints.

Santa Teresa di Liseux

Yellow candles burning in Wednesday to be loved all for a popular drug and alcohol abuse, as well as protection from black magic and restore confidence. Pink is the emblem of the ship.